Sunday, 1 December 2013

Burgandy Spot

I got these trousers in the Topshop post-Christmas sale last year for £9 - they're a little tight now, but still a good bargain!?  I wore these casually (as above) to school the other day, but I dressed them up with a cropped lace black top to go out in the evening - versatile! 

I've been feeling a little bit uninspired recently, hence few posts.  I think it's stress levels but hopefully it will pass as we get closer to the best time of the year ever.  How exciting.  Advent Calendars are back.  My family have this tradition where they put a quiz question in the advent calendar and we answer it to get the sweet.  Of course we get the sweet anyway, but it's fun to do!
I told you I was uninspired, I'm even struggling for things to say here.  I promise next time I'll think of something that is at least mediocrely interesting.

Becca x

Trousers - Topshop, Turtleneck - M&S (my mum's wardrobe), Loafers - Topshop, Lips - No.7

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Homemade tartan

Well that was a long break. I wish this year would slow down, I've got a lot to do! So, the outfit - I made the skirt quite a while ago actually. I absolutely love the tartan trend so I also made a pair of red tartan shorts, but theyre a bit in your face! The coat was cheap as chips from H&M (to be fair it looks a lot warmer than it actually is but it's good enough for me) and the Cut Out boots are always a staple! I also dyed my hair this week. I chose L'Oreal's Casting Creme Gloss in 'Chilli Chocolate' and although it didnt properly work on all my hair, I love that it fades into a dark ginger now rather than blonde. Going darker for the Winter season. 
 I'm desperately trying to think of stuff to write at the moment. Stuff that doesn't make me sound like a constantly stressed nerd. I know it must be application time for so many of you at the moment so good luck to all of us!  On the bright side, X-Factor live shows have started!! Guilty pleasure count-down to Christmas. Thats some light excitement. AND it's nearly half term (thank god) I really need a week.

Becca x

Skirt - Homemade, Vest - H&M, Coat - H&M, Boots - Topshop, Socks - Urban Outfitters, Belt - New Look


Friday, 27 September 2013

Dot To Dot

Stress. This has been all over my life at the moment. This is ridiculous. So September’s ending , university applications starting, stress a'rising! I thought applying for art would be less stressful because you have a bit more time to prepare stuff, but hands down I was wrong there! Everyone’s in the same boat I guess though - at least it’s not exam period or anything .
Autumns finally come as well. I was quite worried we were going to skip Autumn and just hit up Winter straight away but these reddy/brown leaves gave me hope , so it’s officially Autumn.
But anyway. I got this jumpsuit a while ago for an amazing deal of £12 from Asos - plus free delivery . Bargain. I thought it might arrive and end up looking super dooper frumpy but I actually really like it, and it is probably the most comfortable thing I own!
Better get back to drawing pictures though,

Becca x

Jumpsuit - Asos, T-shirt - H&M, Loafers - Debenhams